The Counselling Moment

Confidential, Effective Listening

Based in Shoeburyness, Essex, The Counselling Moment offers you a place of safety, warmth, compassion and understanding, to enable you to reconnect to your true self.

You have the unique ability to discover your true self, given the time, space and empathy to explore how you truly feel, without feeling judged or mis-understood.

By building a professional relationship, based on trust, and respect, you will learn to re-build your self-esteem and confidence to live your life in the now, the present moment, that enables you to understand yourself.

Counselling can help you to overcome many emotional issues; anxiety, depression, alcoholism, eating disorders, lack of self-esteem/confidence, abuse, bereavement, and drug dependency/recovery from drug use.

By taking the first steps on your journey of self-discovery, you can choose to move forward at your own pace, whilst fully supported in a caring space of listening and reflection.